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Cape Cod is In Her Soul

Rhia RH Yoga May 2012
Marcia studies yoga with instructor Rhia Cataldo of Yoga with Rhia. She captured this image at Rock Harbor in Orleans.

Marcia Joy Duggan of Orleans, Massachusetts, is a yoga enthusiast and long-distance runner who has finished the storied Boston Marathon twice.  She’s also an award-winning photographer who has art in her heart and Cape Cod in her soul.

“Photography is not only my passion but a way to communicate. No matter where I go, it’s a universal language. I can share my photos, inspire people, make them smile, teach, help others and earn a living doing what I love.”

To Marcia, Cape Cod is a lifestyle and not just a destination. The beaches, seafood, ocean and light, which she describes as “spectacular,” all contribute to make Cape Cod a summertime haven.

Marcia’s perfect day on the Cape includes the water, fishing, a great seafood meal and–always–a camera. She often greets the rising sun on the beach in Chatham or at Coast Guard Beach in Eastham. On any given day she might go clamming, spend a day in Provincetown, relax in her “backyard” on Nauset Outer Beach, and end up at sunset at picturesque Rock Harbor in Orleans.

When she was contemplating a career change several years ago, she began to think about why she loves taking photos. Now she considers the start of each day a blank canvas. She can capture images of what she calls “the salt life,” but also make people smile and help them connect with one another.

Coastal Square Collection
Marcia’s interest in aerial photography grew from her desire to learn about Cape Cod’s sea life from the sky.

Marcia’s photography career began with the launch of Joy Photographic in 1989. At that time she specialized in Cape Cod wedding photography and family beach portraits. That was followed in 2004 by the launch of CapeCodSoul.com, which specializes in coastal fine art photography plus images of fishing and anything and everything related to Cape Cod.

That was followed in 2005 by the launch of an aerial photography business, which grew from her love of fishing and the ocean and a desire to learn about Cape Cod’s sea life from the sky.

Through her web site Marcia sells aerial images, fine art tiles, cutting boards and posters featuring her photos. Her work also is available through her shop on Etsy.com and at Cape Art Tiles in Provincetown.

Moved by the tragic events at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012, Marcia was eager to find a way to use her photographic skills to honor the 26 victims. When she heard about the “26 Acts of  Kindness” movement launched via social media by NBC-TV’s Ann Curry, Marcia knew that paying it forward through photography was something she wanted to do.  So she launched CapeCodSoul PhotoADay through Facebook. She provides participants with a word or prompt such as “your favorite place” or a particular color, then they take photos that reflect that word. The photos are shared among members of the Facebook group. “May we have the power through photography to help heal and pay it forward with kindness, starting with a photo a day” she says. “Everyone can have a better day if we all begin it with a new photo.”

Coastal Square Collection
A candy-colored sunset at Rock Harbor.

The CapeCodSoul PhotoADay concept Marcia launched has found traction among photo enthusiasts around the world. The community has grown to the point where Marcia saw a natural extension with the launch of  ThePhotoSoul.com in May 2014. The site includes tips and tricks that will help amateur photographers and “smartphoneographers” create better photos.

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera,” she says. “Photography is the visual means to blend the art and soul of the subject with the creator. No one can take your place as a photographer. There is only one you and your vision is unique.” Her blog is intended to inspire readers and provide them with tools for the “how to”‘ of photography. It also helps readers open their minds to the “why” behind each click of a camera.

“Photography has the power to make a difference in your own life when you create photos based on kindness,” said Marcia, “but you can make days better for other people when you share your soul through your art.”

Clearly, Marcia Joy Duggan has Cape Cod, creativity and kindness in her soul.

(Photographs: Marcia Joy Duggan)

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