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Colorful Collections at Periwinkle in Wellfleet

Periwinkle, a shop in Wellfleet, has been open since 2004.

Walk through the distinctive bluish-lavender-painted door into Periwinkle in Wellfleet and the first thing you’ll notice is that you’re surrounded by a riot of color, pattern and texture. The collection of home and gift items at Periwinkle is so extensive and beautiful that I have to work hard to control my spending every time I set foot in the place.

A table towards the front holds a collection of my favorite soaps, all made in France by Pre de Provence. I know that they have a cult following because of their delicate scents, long-lasting lather, and gentle-to-the-skin vegetable oil ingredients. Linden is my favorite because I adore the aroma. Something about it reminds me of perfect summer days on Cape Cod.

Move further into the store and you’ll find a carefully-curated collection of quilted bags, lap blankets, pottery, glassware, plates, napkins, coasters, place mats, tablecloths, small throw rugs and wooden ware. I once bought a dish towel there that was so beautiful, I attached one end to a piece of  driftwood from Cape Cod Bay and hung it on a wall. Instant art!

Finger puppets from Periwinkle in Wellfleet.

The folks who run the shop know how to display the merchandise to its very best advantage. Hanging glass pots and translucent ornaments glisten in the sun streaming through the windows. Upstairs, in an area dedicated to stuff for kids’ rooms, a bed is dressed in a colorful coverlet and gorgeous, gauzy bed skirt. A platoon of stuffed animals rests on the bed. Some are made from felt, others are knitted. They’re small, medium and large in size, and every one is charming.

On my last trip there I spotted a perfect gift for a new first-time mom and dad: finger puppets in the shape of animals. There were so many adorable options, I had a hard time choosing which ones to buy. At only $6 apiece, this purchase was a no-brainer.

Since the new mom had been a dancer at one time, the puppet sporting a multicolored tutu was a must. Then of course I had to honor the family pet by including a dog. The others were selected just because the cuteness factor was so high.

Periwinkle has a room on the second floor that’s full of sale-priced stuff. Some of the options were really fabulous. It’s a good place to begin the hunt for gifts, or to look for something nice to bring home for yourself from your Cape Cod vacation.

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