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The Best Cape Cod Crafts

Coastal Craft Gallery
Lucy Jalbert’s beautiful stained glass compositions are sure to remind you of your Eastham vacation.

Each time we set foot inside Coastal Craft Gallery we find something we want–no, that we absolutely, positively must have.

We adore the fact that everything in the shop is handmade by Cape Cod artists and craftspeople. We always have been and will be eager to support them and their work. They have made so many of the beautiful things that adorn our homes, things that continuously remind us of what an inspirational place the Cape is. It must be wonderful to be an artist and be surrounded by such natural beauty!

Coastal Craft Gallery was founded in 2009 when 15 local artists and craftspeople formed a co-op to showcase their work and promote an environment that encourages creativity. Each artist has participated in juried craft shows and has work that’s exhibited in other galleries and shops, so the quality of the offerings at Coastal Craft Gallery is top notch. You’ll find pottery, leather bags and accessories, inlaid wood boxes and clocks, jewelry, sailor’s valentines (a fascinating art form and definitely on my “buy next” list), shell wreaths, traditional peg dolls, photography of local landscapes and images, stained and fused glass, collage and papercut art, prints and weaving.

When they’re not busy creating beautiful things, the member artists share responsibility for running and staffing the shop. That means there’s always someone there who’s deeply invested in the success of the shop, and they are able and willing to answer questions.

Coastal Craft Gallery is open year ’round.

(Photograph: Lucy Jalbert)

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