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Eastham’s Hole-in-One: Objects of Obsession

Eastham's Hole-in-One
Some of our favorites at Eastham’s Hole-in-One are chocolate-glazed and custard-filled donuts.

In this age of perpetual weight-watching and admonishment from our physicians, friends and families to eat high-fiber this and low-fat that, you would think a business that sells little else beyond donuts and muffins might barely scrape by. Well, you would be wrong.

From Memorial Day through Labor Day the line at Eastham’s Hole-in-One snakes out the door and into the parking lot, testament to the Pavlovian-response-inducing homemade goodies. In addition to donuts and muffins, offerings include bagels, tea loaves (we love the chocolate chip-cream cheese), pastries, biscotti and cupcakes, including among the latter some Hostess-brand lookalikes with chocolate icing and that familiar white squiggle on top.

New at Hole-in-One this summer: English muffin bread. It’s a mini-loaf that can be sliced as thickly as you want. It’s absolutely delicious but perishable due to its lack of preservatives, so if you buy it, be sure to keep it refrigerated.

If you take your eating as seriously as we do, you’ll designate a donut runner the night before and record breakfast requests from assembled family and friends. Our list always includes chocolate-glazed donuts and blueberry-corn or blueberry-bran muffins. When morning rolls around we always plan to be there by 7 a.m. Later than that and we chance encountering a sellout of our faves.

Eastham’s Hole-in-One has counter service with about ten stools and is open seasonally while the larger branch in nearby Orleans (a 10- to 15-minute drive south of Eastham) has table service for breakfast and lunch and is open all year.

(Photograph: SeriousEats.com)

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