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Why I Love Cape Cod Bay's Beaches

The magnificent dune-lined beaches on the ocean side of Cape Cod may receive all the glory, but there’s plenty to love about the Cape’s bay-side beaches. Here are five reasons why you should hang out on the bay side during your next Cape Cod getaway. 1. You can take long walks at low tide. If you cite “long walks on the beach” as one of your interests, you’ll be in your element on a bay-side beach at low tide. Picture miles of smooth, flat sand in either direction, then flip a coin and head off to explore. What’s more, at ...Read More »

Photographing Cape Cod After Dark

Photographer Timothy Little sees things differently. While most people might wonder why he takes photos at night, he wonders why more people don’t. His images reveal a side of Cape Cod that’s beautiful but that few ever really notice. Little’s book, Cape Cod Nights: A Photographic Exploration of Cape Cod and the Islands After Dark,  was released in June 2013. It’s the only book currently in print that showcases Cape Cod after nightfall. The Massachusetts native offers night photography workshops twice each year on Cape Cod as well as in the Berkshires. We asked Timothy some questions about his passion ...Read More »

Cape Cod is In Her Soul

Marcia Joy Duggan of Orleans, Massachusetts, is a yoga enthusiast and long-distance runner who has finished the storied Boston Marathon twice.  She’s also an award-winning photographer who has art in her heart and Cape Cod in her soul. “Photography is not only my passion but a way to communicate. No matter where I go, it’s a universal language. I can share my photos, inspire people, make them smile, teach, help others and earn a living doing what I love.” To Marcia, Cape Cod is a lifestyle and not just a destination. The beaches, seafood, ocean and light, which she describes ...Read More »

Sailors' Valentines: An Antique Shell Craft

If you enjoy walking on Cape Cod beaches and picking up colorful and unusually-shaped shells, you’ll appreciate the artistry of sailors’ valentines. These intricate shell mosaics feature symmetrical designs made from small sea shells that have been glued onto a backing and enclosed in a wooden box with a hinged lid.  Most often the boxes were octagonal. Sailors’ valentines originally were created by British West Indies craftsmen in the early nineteenth century and were sold to sailors while they were visiting the port. Barbados was a particularly great source of sailors’ valentines because it often was the last port of ...Read More »

Creative License Plates — Cape Cod Edition

A customized license plate can be an indulgence, but if you love Cape Cod, it’s one way to tell the world about it. We’ve spotted some clever examples of creative license plates on vehicles from Florida, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut as well as Massachusetts. We’ll add to this gallery as we find more. Readers’ contributions are welcome! Just send us a note in the “Comments” section on this page. Thanks!Read More »

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