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Why I Love Cape Cod Bay’s Beaches

Beth Maroney

The magnificent dune-lined beaches on the ocean side of Cape Cod may receive all the glory, but there’s plenty to love about the Cape’s bay-side beaches. Here are five reasons why you should hang out on the bay side during your next Cape Cod getaway. 1. You can take long ...

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Photographing Cape Cod After Dark


Photographer Timothy Little sees things differently. While most people might wonder why he takes photos at night, he wonders why more people don’t. His images reveal a side of Cape Cod that’s beautiful but that few ever really notice. Little’s book, Cape Cod Nights: A Photographic Exploration of Cape Cod ...

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Cape Cod is In Her Soul

Coastal Square Collection

Marcia Joy Duggan of Orleans, Massachusetts, is a yoga enthusiast and long-distance runner who has finished the storied Boston Marathon twice.  She’s also an award-winning photographer who has art in her heart and Cape Cod in her soul. “Photography is not only my passion but a way to communicate. No ...

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Sailors’ Valentines: An Antique Shell Craft


If you enjoy walking on Cape Cod beaches and picking up colorful and unusually-shaped shells, you’ll appreciate the artistry of sailors’ valentines. These intricate shell mosaics feature symmetrical designs made from small sea shells that have been glued onto a backing and enclosed in a wooden box with a hinged ...

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Cape Cod Flavor Co. Offers Tastes to Savor

Naturally-infused Cape Cod Flavor Co. sea salts are locally made and add sunny summer flavor to foods.

Last summer I spotted a packet of Cape Cod Flavor Co. Smoked Bacon Sea Salt at Sam’s Deli on Brackett Road in Eastham. I was looking for a small, packable gift to bring to someone in California who, due to distance, isn’t able to get to the Cape as often ...

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30 Things We Love About Eastham


What do we love most about vacationing in Eastham on Cape Cod? Is it the beaches, local history, food, crafts, festivals, art shows, outdoor adventures or water sports? For most people, it’s all of these. An Eastham vacation can and should be a multi-dimensional experience filled with only-in-Eastham experiences. Here ...

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Beach Stone Jewelry Made on Cape Cod

Every piece of Kathleen Masterson's beach stone jewelry is completely handmade.

During the 24+ years she’s been living on Cape Cod, Kathleen Masterson has walked hundreds of miles along beaches from Provincetown to the south shore of Boston. And each time she digs her toes into the sand she’s in search of just one thing: pretty beach stones.  Grey, pink, green, ...

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For Perfect Beach Parties and Picnics

Turn up the style dial! These silverware pockets can turn a simple picnic into a special occasion.

Eating outdoors is one of our favorite summertime activities. Everything tastes better when it’s consumed at a picnic table, under a beach umbrella, or sitting in a deck chair, doesn’t it? Paper plates are fine much of the time but when we’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to ...

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