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Cape Cod Chef's Table

I first learned about “Cape Cod Chef’s Table: Extraordinary Recipes from Buzzard’s Bay to Provincetown” through Coastal Living magazine, which is one of my favorites. I knew immediately that I would love this book, and I do. Author John Carafoli grew up appreciating food in the town of Bourne on Cape Cod, in a village called Sagamore where the residents predominantly were of Italian descent.  Back then, he says, families grew fruits and vegetables in their own gardens, bought chicken and eggs from nearby farmers,  and had milk and cream delivered from local dairies. The Italian immigrant mothers in his ...Read More »

Best Childrens' Books About Cape Cod

Author Martha Day Zschock must be from Outer Cape Cod. What makes me think so? In her charming little book Hello, Cape Cod, she manages to highlight some of the most iconic images visitors will see when they travel to Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro and Provincetown, which are the four towns that comprise the Outer Cape. I adore the illustrations in this book. They have a whimsy and tenderness that aren’t always evident in books for children. The pages depict a seagull family traveling over the Bourne and Sagamore Bridges, exploring windmills, riding rides, enjoying ponds and beaches, building sandcastles, boating, ...Read More »

The Names of Cape Cod

Have you ever been to Jeremiah’s Gutter? What about The Devil’s Dumping Ground or Samuel Fessenden’s Pickle? Each of these places is real, and all are described in The Names of Cape Cod: How Cape Cod Places Got Their Names and What They Mean. I was drawn to this book  because I knew there had to be some interesting explanations behind those names. But what about Sesuit Harbor, the Manomet River and Paw Wah Pond? Algonquin Indian language influences are everywhere on Cape Cod. When the Pilgrims arrived in the early 1600s on the shores of what now is Cape ...Read More »

Becoming Cape Cod

I am a washashore*. If you’re reading this, chances are good that you are too. I learned this description of my status while reading Becoming Cape Cod: Creating a Seaside Resort, a fascinating account of how the Cape evolved from what author James C. O’Connell called “a shunned Yankee backwater” into New England’s pre-eminent escape zone. O’Connell knows his stuff, having served as Economic Development Officer of the Cape Cod Commission from 1990 to 2001. He researched deeply while writing this book–the bibliography includes hundreds of sources–and made great use of historical photos throughout. The images are thoroughly charming and ...Read More »

The Outermost House

Henry Beston was inspired to write "The Outermost House" while living in Fo'castle, a tiny structure on an Atlantic-facing beach in Eastham. “For the gifts of life are the earth’s, and they are given to all, and they are the songs of birds at daybreak, Orion and the Bear, and dawn seen over ocean from the beach.” So ends The Outermost House: A Year of Life on the Great Beach of Cape Cod. Henry Beston’s classic richly deserves a place on the bookshelves of every lover of Cape Cod and nature writing. “Written with simplicity, sympathy and beauty” (New York Herald Tribune), this book chronicles Beston’s year-long stay in a tiny structure he called Fo’castle, which sat on an Atlantic-facing beach in ...Read More »

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