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Eastham Chamber of Commerce

Eastham is known as a paradise for kayakers. Photograph: Marcia Duggan.
Eastham is known as a paradise for kayakers.

Just like its namesake town, the Eastham Chamber of Commerce is busiest during the summer travel months.

One of my favorite aspects of the organization’s site is the downloadable road map and street listing. Even in this age of GPS devices, I enjoy having an as-a-crow-flies overview of any area because it helps me get a handle on relative distances.

The site includes interesting tidbits about Eastham’s beginnings in 1651 as well as up-to-date tide charts and weather info, which is especially appreciated by water-sport lovers and fishing enthusiasts. Local water sports, biking and hiking trails, fishing spots, museums and landmarks also are described.

As with all chambers of commerce, lists of places to eat and shop are just that–lists–rather than subjective evaluations, so choose with caution.

There’s a place on the site where you can sign up to receive an Eastham Guide Book.

The Visitor Information Center is open late spring to late fall.

(Photograph: Marcia Joy Duggan)

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