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Creations from the Beach


Some people look at beach glass and simply see a colorful shape, but Ree Martin of Scituate, Massachusetts, sees infinite creative design possibilities. She launched her company, Beach Creations, in 2011, eventually leaving behind a career as a videographer. At least twice each week, Ree uses her kayak to explore ...

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By The Sea Driftwood Company

Catherine Wissmann of By The Sea Driftwood said this wreath is her favorite design. It appeared on the cover of Cape Cod Life magazine.

Start with an inveterate beachcomber who admits to loving to collect “lots of stuff.” Add a creative soul and a graphic designer’s eye. The result is By The Sea Driftwood Company in Orleans, Massachusetts. It was  launched by Catherine Wissmann and her husband Rob in 2005, after they moved to ...

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Colorful Collections at Periwinkle in Wellfleet


Walk through the distinctive bluish-lavender-painted door into Periwinkle in Wellfleet and the first thing you’ll notice is that you’re surrounded by a riot of color, pattern and texture. The collection of home and gift items at Periwinkle is so extensive and beautiful that I have to work hard to control ...

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Cape Cod Décor — It’s a Shore Thing


“I have a beach home.” Doesn’t that have a beautiful ring? In my case it’s not true, but it may be some day. Until then I’ll be wishing, hoping, thinking, praying and spending lots of time scrolling through real estate listings and thumbing through magazines in search of decorating ideas.  ...

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Antiques Shops Around Eastham


Any town incorporated in 1651–which Eastham was–is going to have homes full of fabulous old things. Much of it eventually finds its way to local antiques shops, where savvy shoppers can buy a bit of Massachusetts history to enjoy back home. Here are a few antiques shops on Cape Cod ...

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Customized Cape Cod Crafts


Is there anyone who has visited Etsy.com and wasn’t completely blown away by what they were able to find there? According to an article in Time magazine, Etsy did $895 million in sales in 2012, so it’s clear I’m not the only person who’s hooked on the site. Of course ...

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Artwork and Other Treasures

Jim Holland's paintings reflect his fascination with light and space near the ocean.

Dear Left Bank Gallery: How much do I love three? Let me count the ways. It’s almost impossible for me to visit any of your three locations—all within an easy drive of Eastham—and leave empty-handed. The fine art is so beautiful and evocative of the Cape Cod spirit, I could ...

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The Best Cape Cod Crafts


Each time we set foot inside Coastal Craft Gallery we find something we want–no, that we absolutely, positively must have. We adore the fact that everything in the shop is handmade by Cape Cod artists and craftspeople. We always have been and will be eager to support them and their ...

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Do You Know the Way to Cape Cod Bay?


She may be a west coast native but Michelle Murdock of Tahoe City, California, owner of Quail Lane Press, was inspired to create this gorgeous map of Cape Cod by memories of the fun times she enjoyed on the east coast during her college years. Drawing upon her background in ...

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