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Artwork and Other Treasures

Jim Holland's paintings reflect his fascination with light and space near the ocean.
Jim Holland’s paintings at Left Bank Gallery reflect his fascination with light and space near the ocean.

Dear Left Bank Gallery: How much do I love three? Let me count the ways. It’s almost impossible for me to visit any of your three locations—all within an easy drive of Eastham—and leave empty-handed.

The fine art is so beautiful and evocative of the Cape Cod spirit, I could line my walls with it and live happily ever after.

I could not leave your Commercial Street location in Wellfleet last month without buying a hand-painted lampshade and fabulous sculptural finial by the uber-talented Jana Ugone.

On the next visit I spotted four small painted plaques. I had to have those too.

Oh, and the pottery. There’s so much of it, pieces in every shape, color and texture, all whispering “take me home.”

When I’m in the market for a special piece of jewelry I head directly to the Orleans location. The designs are simply superlative.

I dare anyone who enters this shop to leave without falling in love with something small and shiny.

(Photograph: Left Bank Gallery)

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