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Sharing a Vacation Rental with Friends

I remember it well. A Christmas get-together with friends, a considerable amount of mulled wine, lots of fun, and lo and behold, a plan to vacation with them next summer. In the enthusiasm of the moment we all got excited about the idea and talked into the early hours about all the fun we would have, how the kids would just love being together on the water, and the sort of property we could rent when we were sharing the cost. Sadly, it all was a bit of a disaster but we all learned a lot. As we figured out, ...Read More »

Live Like a Local in a Surf Shack by the Sea

Have you ever fantasized about getting away from it all by spending the summer in a sun-bleached surf shack located a stone’s throw from the water?  Um, all the time, right? The simple life sounds great, but you still want creature comforts? Oh yes. If this is your dream, then “Blue Skies on the Half Shell” is the Cape Cod vacation rental for you. This unique home is set in a spectacular location just 75 steps from Cape Cod Bay in Eastham. Your grandma loves knotty pine but you don’t? When this cottage was completely renovated and redecorated in 2011, ...Read More »

Eastham Four Points Sheraton Hotel

Eastham has only one full-service hotel. Fortunately it happens to be a Four Points by Sheraton with clean, spacious rooms, plenty of amenities included, and a likable, hardworking staff. The town has no waterfront hotels or motels (you’ll need to rent a house if you want walk-to-water convenience) but the location of this property, halfway between the  bay and ocean beaches, is great. The Eastham Four Points Sheraton has 107 rooms and two apartment-sized suites that are a super solution for large families. Rooms are so well decorated that I wondered where they got the great artwork. And the beds. ...Read More »

Top Eastham Vacation Rental Resources

Cape Cod vacation rentals (and Eastham vacation rentals) have been growing exponentially in popularity ever since travelers began to realize that they could enjoy a getaway in a house with personality, a real kitchen, multiple bedrooms, sometimes multiple bathrooms, and full facilities–possibly right on the beach– rather than endure a cookie-cutter motel on the highway. And when they learned that they potentially could save money by choosing a rental over a hotel or motel, heavy bookings began. If you’re considering renting a house on Cape Cod, where you begin your search will depend on how much time you can devote ...Read More »

How to Find a Perfect Vacation Rental

Trying to find a vacation rental that is perfect for you and your family requires a commitment of time and energy, but your payoff will be great vacation memories. Do your homework and you’re almost guaranteed to find a perfect place that will provide a great return on your investment of time. As you begin your search to find a vacation rental, keep these tips in mind: Plan early. The most desirable rentals, which includes houses close to the water, fully outfitted with amenities and in top-notch condition, may get booked as much as a year in advance. Some guests ...Read More »

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